Fabrizio Cantamessa is the heir of a jewelers’ family who, since 1939 and over the years, has created a unique and innovative style. Wishing to continue his family tradition, Fabrizio took on the company’s management in 1988, reaching, within a few years, the ambitious goal of seeing his creations displayed in the most prestigious streets of the world: Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, Voukourestiou in Athens, Via Montenapoleone in Milan, New Bond Street in London, and Madison Avenue in New York City are just a few. Particularly important and of enormous prestige has also been the collaborations with some world-class joailliers of Place Vendôme as a creator and manufacturer of important jewelry collections, with quality requirements for excellence to be respected with absolute rigor.
The ultimate international recognition took place in 2000, when Sotheby’s decided to include Fabrizio Cantamessa in their special catalogue “Au Courant” among the 10 major contemporary jewelry designers in the world.
The following year Cantamessa went as far as to be included in the catalogue of jewelers who significantly
marked the history of jewelry in the twentieth century, as a peer among the most famous international maisons. Fabrizio Cantamessa success is not only due to his determination to constantly improve quality standards, or the refined skill of his artisan work, replete with new experiences, or the rigorous selection, both competent and exclusive, of the gems he uses. He exemplifies a unique approach and vision, a work ethic that has never renounced stylistic research.
Design has always exploited contemporary stimuli. The hand that models his objects has remained true to its principles, but continues to explore bold techniques and original materials. His ingenious combination of gems never ceases to surprise and amaze.
The jewels created by Fabrizio Cantamessa are never the result of stale classical formulas or the ephemeral mannerism of mere trends. They are an artist's jewelry, desired and coveted by a passionate and competent elite clientele throughout the entire world. Each item he creates expresses the force and sensuality of movement.
Stones and metal create vivacious, fluctuating compositions, sensitive to the lines of those who wear them, complementing the contours of body and hands, surpassing the rigid immobility of more traditional manufactured items.
His collections are inspired by the infinity of polychrome forms which nature employs to model flora and fauna, reinventing them in combinations that are sometimes delicate, at other times audacious. They are often the product of geometric concepts which are developed in sinuous volumes, at times strident and dramatic, and never less than dynamic. The pleasure of seduction, a passion for beauty, and the joy (and emotion) of owning it.
Seventy years of tradition, an unchanged vocation: transform jewels into objects of desire.
They absorb the energies of their time and transcend them, exploring the past and imagining the future. They stem from an extremely vivid imagination and talent, with a very personal taste, one that has no fear of conventions and delights in provocation.